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Discover jewelry care tips to maintain and extend the life of your pieces.

It is recommended that you:
– Remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, doing household chores, using abrasive cleaners, sleeping, sports and other physical activities.

– Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant and make sure to wait for these items to dry thoroughly before wearing your jewelry. 

– Avoid cleaning with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or abrasive fabrics.

– Avoid exposing your jewelry to intense/direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

The above elements can eventually take a toll on your jewelry, it may cause metals to dull or tarnish, and gemstones to discolor or become damaged. Some stones are sensitive to the sun and colors may become muted if exposed for a great length of time.

P.S We know you love your jewelry so much that you hate to take it off, but trust us, your jewelry will thank-you for it.

Clean regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth to keep your jewelry beautiful.
You may also consider:
Cleaning your jewelry is with clear, unscented dish soap and a toothbrush.
– Gently wash with a soft brush using mild soap & warm water,
– rinse beneath lukewarm water,
– pat gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth,
– allow to dry completely before storage,
– store in small, clear, resealable bag (if possible). 
Additional tips:
Be sure to store your treasures in a safe place, away from light, in a jewelry box, cloth pouch or drawer between wears to prevent tarnishing 🙂

Remember, the more you wear your sterling silver pieces, the less you’ll have to polish them. Silver LOVES to be worn!

P.S Use caution when cleaning any plated metals (including gold vermeil, which is gold plating over sterling silver), plated metals can easily wear off (rub lightly).

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Please note: Because handcrafted items require specific care, Terlis Designs creations are not recommended for children under the age of 13.

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